Jon Arkin Class: Jazz Drumming

Wednesdays 6:30 – 8pm
9/25 – 12/4 (10 weeks, no class 11/27)

A hands-on course covering essential skills for jazz drum set playing. Topics covered include time and feel, jazz-specific technique, idiomatic grooves, brush playing, limb independence exercises, soloing, song forms, and the drummer’s role within a jazz group. In addition to written exercises, the class will study listening examples featuring many of the pioneers of jazz drumming. Recommended for all drummers interested in developing and refining the skills necessary to become a well-rounded and in-demand jazz drummer. Prerequisites: functional drumset technique.

To register, follow this link to the CJC’s website.

Ian Carey Quintet + 1

ICQ+1 plays Ian Carey’s “Fire In My Head” suite

Ian Carey – trumpet / composition
Kasey Knudsen – alto sax
Sheldon Brown – woodwinds
Adam Shulman – piano
Fred Randolph – bass
Jon Arkin – drums