Jon Arkin is a drummer, composer, digital multimedia artist, and educator. He is a longtime fixture of the San Francisco Bay Area music scene, and he performs music locally, nationally, and internationally in a wide variety of contexts. Read more about him here.


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Monstrika welcomes you

You should certainly behold the talents & general awesomeness of two of my favorite string ticklers, namely Matt Lebofsky and Matthew Charles Heulitt, with whom I have the pleasure of playing loud, dark, and complex music in a new band called Monstrika. They have a special knack for developing rather intricate riffs between the two …

Winter 2019 news

Hi folks, First of all, welcome to the brand spanking new jonarkin.net! It only took a cool baker’s-dozen-or-so orbits around the sun for me to get around to it, but at long last, the public’s demands for a functional website (i.e., built in this current/almost-expired decade) have brought about palpable change. Perhaps it functions as …