Jon Arkin is a drummer, composer, digital multimedia artist, and educator. He is a longtime fixture of the San Francisco Bay Area music scene, and he performs music locally, nationally, and internationally in a wide variety of contexts. Read more about him here.


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NCG – Stateless

Nathan Clevenger is a comically prolific composer of unique & captivating music. His new album, “Stateless“, represents a sliver of his ridiculous output, and for every tune that made the cut, there are dozens more waiting in the wings. But, the tip of the iceberg that you get here is an excellent window into the …

Monstrika welcomes you

You should certainly behold the talents & general awesomeness of two of my favorite string ticklers, namely Matt Lebofsky and Matthew Charles Heulitt, with whom I have the pleasure of playing loud, dark, and complex music in a new band called Monstrika. They have a special knack for developing rather intricate riffs between the two …

Winter 2019 news

Hi folks, First of all, welcome to the brand spanking new jonarkin.net! It only took a cool baker’s-dozen-or-so orbits around the sun for me to get around to it, but at long last, the public’s demands for a functional website (i.e., built in this current/almost-expired decade) have brought about palpable change. Perhaps it functions as …